Their Mission
12 films 12 weeks began as an innocent suggestion on the part of Keith Boynton's brother Devin, who proposed that instead of his customary summer feature film, Keith should devote the summer of 2009 to a series of shorts. Keith filed the idea away in the back of his mind, until the exhilarating experience of making "The Queen Bee of Mushroomtown" — a short film written, shot, edited, and scored in twenty-four hours — brought it to the fore again. "Queen Bee" ended up winning a whole slew of awards at the New York Film Race, which only served to encourage its creators. Offhandedly, Keith pitched the summer-shorts concept to Mike Lavoie (the motive force behind "Queen Bee"), whose keen promotional brain immediately glimpsed its possibilities. The game was afoot.


The project's key goals are as follows:

  • to promote creativity and adaptability by imposing a strict once-a-week deadline
  • to explore the short-film format from a variety of angles — thematic, stylistic, and logistical
  • to meet and collaborate with a large number of actors, artists, and technicians
  • to create quality work that represents their interests and abilities, as individuals and as a group
  • to work their butts off
  • to have barrels of fun

Anything that doesn't contribute to at least one of these goals — their egos, their personal lives, their existential ennui — will have to be put aside until the end of August. Please keep then honest by giving them feedback throughout the project. You're their last line of defense against self-indulgence and self-sabotage, and they're counting on you to keep them on the straight and narrow.

Meet the creative minds behind this ambitious (and awesome) project.

KEITH BOYNTON (Creator/Producer) was born and raised in Lakeville, Connecticut, the child of an Olympic canoeist and a greeting-card artist of some renown. An English and Theater double major, Keith graduated from Amherst College in 2005 with summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa honors, but without sufficient Latin to really understand what that meant. Since then, he has written and directed two feature films — The Now and Keeper — as well as producing two of his own plays ("Walls" and "The Quotable Assassin") off-off-Broadway, prompting The New York Times to label him "a talent worth watching." He is far too modest to argue. When he's not making films, Keith enjoys improv comedy, armchair philosophy, and meandering. He lives in New York City, and he likes superhero comics much more than is healthy for a grown man.

For 12in12, Keith will be acting as go-to director, recurring writer, co-project-producer, and occasional actor. He is also contributing to something called a "web-log," which is apparently very important.

MIKE LAVOIE (Creator/Producer) was born in Hershey, Pennsylvania which is why he's so sweet, and yes, he loves kisses, among other useful pickup lines. He graduated from Georgetown University with a B.A. in English and Psychology. He spent the following summer taking an acting intensive at Yale University and later studied at the William Esper Studio, the LAByrinth Theater and the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater. Mike is part of the Strings Attached Theater Company, which was featured at the Cherry Lane Theater as part of the 2008 NYC Fringe Festival. Time Out New York said "the brightest moments come from Lavoie," which is a very nice thing for a magazine to say. He won Best Leading Actor for his part in The Queen Bee of Mushroomtown, was an Associate Producer on the hit Off-Broadway show "Sleepwalk With Me" and in his spare time, Mike rides his bike, plays a mean didgeridoo, and consumes large quantities of cappuccinos and chocolate scones.

For 12in12, Mike will be acting as an actor, recurring writer, blogger, co-project-producer, and occasional director.

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