Episode 1 — Look Who’s Stalking

Episode 1 Links

Want to know about your favorite character? Meet them (and the actors who play them).

Bike Helmets Save Lives

Just ask Kiki. BHSI

New York International Fringe Festival

The largest multi-arts festival in North America. Get Involved! FringeNYC

The Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

The leading commercial producers of pumpkins include the United States, Mexico, India and China. Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Why Paper Cuts Hurt Like a Mother …

Thinking about them makes us wince. A Moment of Science

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Admit it. You miss Buffy. IMDB’s SMG page


What goes into Uncle Luther’s Minneso-tini? 2 parts gin, 1 part Mountain Dew, 1/2 teaspoon sugar, Maraschino cherries (as many as you like)

Fugly Is the New Pretty

Dressing "too slutty" definitely counts toward fugliness. Go Fug Yourself

Who Should Never Wear Shrugs

They may seem like a great idea to cover up slutty outfits, but… StyleBakery.com


Guns ‘N’ Roses … Basically awesome. Guns ‘N’ Roses on AllMusic.com

The History of Bottle Service

Knowing about bottle service can save a lot of cash … and embarrassment. Bottle Service: A Brief History