Episode 11 — Erika’s Bad Day

Episode 11 Links

Want to know about your favorite character? Meet them (and the actors who play them).

Find a NYSDA Member Dentist

The New York State Dental Association helps you find a dentist in your neighborhood. NYSDental.org

Ventroliquism Made Easy

Can we talk? Lee Cornell provides you with the finest ventriloquism instructional training and ventriloquist resources on the planet. Ventriloquism101.com

Stuffed Grape Leaves

In case YOU can’t get them for free, here’s a recipe to make them at home. What’s Cooking America

Go Tigers!

Here’s more information about Megan’s alma mater. Princeton University

Flight Plans for Private Jets

Just in case you don’t have an assistant to book your private jet plans, here’s a place to do it on your own. Bombardier Skyjet

The Other Roland Bart(hes)

Structuralist Critic. Semiologist. Post-Structuralist. Comic Book Artist? Not so much. The Literary Encyclopedia

Sports Specific Injuries

Bowling injuries can be significant. FamilyEducation.com

Paige Davis

Triple Threat. Triple Treat. Who doesn’t love Paige Davis? Mindy Paige Davis Page

I don’t need no stinkin’ meal!

Find a tapas place near you. Zagats.com

Head Shots in NY

One of the best … Hoebermann Studio


Ty Pennington talks about ADHD. ADHD Story

Out, Out Damned Spot

Here’s a primer on removing potentially damaging spots, including a handy downloadable PDF chart of stains and what makes them disappear. Martha Stewart

Erika’s namesake (sort of)

Meet the grand dame of the soap world (and the Appleton house). SoapCentral.com