Episode 12 — Everybody Loves Roland

Episode 12 Links

Want to know about your favorite character? Meet them (and the actors who play them).

You say it’s your birthday?

Find out who else was born on your big day. famousbirthdays.com

Say It with Flowers

And say it well. Calyx Flowers

Say It in Any Language

On her birthday, say "Slamet Ulang Taunmoe" to your friend in Indonesia. Or "Quchjaj qoSlIj" to your trekkie brother on his (it’s Klingon). Multi-Lingual Happy Birthday to You

Do you smell something?

Find out how to use fragrance to create a mood, and learn why some smells sell while others repel. The Fragrance Foundation’s Sense of Smell Institute

CPR: You Can Do It

Find a CPR class near you. American Heart Association

Jolly Ranchers

Founded in Golden, Colorado, this wonderful, jaw-gluing candy is almost sixty years old! Hersheys

Is it getting hot in here?

Support New York’s bravest with your purchase of merchandise from the non-profit FDNY Foundation. FDNY Fire Zone

Prepare for Your Employee Review

Squelch that moment of doubt before it happens. About.com

Nine Letter Word for…

… a puzzle where letters intersect. "Crossword"! Play online. Kill more time. Yahoo! Games

Don’t bite my head off…

Print the birthday girl’s photo on edible frosting for a birthday cake she won’t forget… Cakes ‘n Shapes

Save a wiener!

Help all kinds of dogs and cats through the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption shelter. North Shore Animal League America

Fairy Wands Can Be Dangerous

Always check before waving it around. Consumer Product Safety Commission

With your bare hands…

Find out about martial arts for women — for strength, fitness, and self-defense. National Women’s Martial Arts Federation

We’ll always have Paris…

Glamorous, glitzy, or just plain gauche, why not have a famous face sing the birthday song at your next party? Check out the celebrity look-alikes available for events all over the USA. Celebrity look-alikes

Got maced?

Know what to do in any first-aid crisis. Check the Mayo Clinic first-aid website, recommended by the NIH, for info on dealing with everything from splinters to snakebites. Mayo Foundation First-Aid Guide