Episode 13 — Just Like Me

Episode 13 Links

Want to know about your favorite character? Meet them (and the actors who play them).

We could pool our shoes and have, like, a gazilion pairs!

Everybody has a roommate horror story. Check out Digs magazine for tips on how to spot or deal with a hellish roommie. Roommates from Hell

Find a Gazillion Shoes

Check out the number of brands and styles available at the bottom of the homepage. It’s awesome! Zappos.com

Find a Gazillion Roommates

Craigslist.org has become the de facto web site to find a new roommate. And then another new roommate when you find that one stealing. And then another new roommate after that one refuses to shower on more than a monthly basis. And another. And another. And another. Craigslist

Go for a wok downtown

Check out Chinatown. It’s not just knock-off handbags — you’ll find restaurants, shops, and maps here. Explore Chinatown

Bringing Temp Work to a New Level

Kill time with these 80s arcade games that you can play online! TripletsAndUs.com

Pens, Pencils, Markers, Folders, and Post-Its

Stop stealing from the office and buy your own. Office Depot

Gee…A fruit basket! You shouldn’t have…

Check out Real Simple’s Gift Guide for gift-giving ideas, including something special for your hostess. Real Simple Gift Guide

I ain’t from these parts….

First visit to big bad New York? Get in the know before you arrive, at this city blog for up-to-the-minute Gotham goings-on. Gothamist

Don’t Itch, Don’t Smell

So, you’re allergic. No excuses. There are things you can do about body odor that won’t send your allergies into an uproar. The Environmental Illness Resource

It ain’t all naked cowboys…

Check out pictures and interviews of 13 performers you can find on the streets of Manhattan. New York Street Performers

Staten Island Ferry

It’s one of the site seeing vehicles in New York. The fact that it’s cheap is a bonus! Staten Island Ferry

Leaving a Sandwich Is Nice, but There’s More To Be Done

Keep in mind that almost half of New York’s homeless are children. You can help. Coalition for the Homeless

I laughed, I cried…I got a discount!

Planning a dream date on Broadway? Theater seats are like airline seats these days: the guy next to you might have paid twice as much as you — or half as much. Check here for a complete list of discount codes for Broadway shows. Broadway Box

Is There a Starbucks in New York?

Find a Starbucks anywhere. ANYwhere. Starbucks

Not All BFFs Are F

Just ask Paris Hilton. Celebslap.com