Episode 14 — Shannon Frasier’s Comin’ to Town

Episode 14 Links

Want to know about your favorite character? Meet them (and the actors who play them).

What ever happened to that girl with the….?

Find out what the coolest kid in your high school is up to now. With any luck, it’s something really dreary (unless that was you…) Classmates.com

We Wish You a Merry Solstice

Do the multi-culti thing and learn about the origins of winter holidays around the world. Irritate Bill O’Reilly by wishing him a Happy Lenaea (the ancient Greek Festival of the Wild Women)! Winter Holiday Celebrations

Damn right it’s pot luck and BYOB! It’s my apartment!

Whether your invitation is engraved, finger-painted, or sent through cyberspace, make sure it is flawless. Check your p’s and q’s with a name that is synonymous for etiquette. Emily Post

Need a little face time?

Pamper someone you love, or someone you REALLY love (yourself?) with beauty products or treatments from the hottest spa around. Bliss

Is that a super-hero in your pants?

Remember Underoos, the underwear that’s fun to wear? Check out pop culture decade by decade, from Colorforms to Candies, and Lip Smackers to Light Sabers, at this online repository of your most embarrassing and beloved fads. RetroLand.com

She shoots, she SCORES!

Head to this web site for tickets and all the info on the New York Liberty, the Big Apple’s amazing WNBA team. New York Liberty

I rode that thing into the ground…

Yes, the Rabbit is back, and it’s actually kind of cool. Okay, very cool. Feisty, fun, AND you can fit a dresser in it. Volkswagen Rabbit

"I swear it’s for my neck pain…"

Sure. We believe you. But, why is it shaped like a …? Made famous on our beloved and missed "Sex and the City" and available for you online or at "toy" stores everywhere. GigglesWorld.com

I invited YOU?

Have you committed a graceless faux pas? A humiliating social blunder? Be comforted that you are not alone. Check out this internet repository of bad manners. EtiquetteHell.com

Wow, mistletoe! Hey, wait, where ya goin’ ?

Yes, a poisonous, parasitic plant propagated by bird droppings makes us all kissy-kissy come Yuletide. Ever wonder why? All about mistletoe

Merry Chrishmash!

Here’s a holiday punch that packs a punch…but elegantly. And if your budget is slightly smaller than Martha’s, just use prosecco or cava for the bubbly. No one will be the wiser. MarthaStewart.com

Maybe we could just move…

Your friends are pigs? No problem! Post-party clean-up doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Check this link for Real Simple’s tips on how to reduce the after-party workload. RealSimple.com