Episode 3 — The Winds of Fate

Episode 3 Links

Want to know about your favorite character? Meet them (and the actors who play them).

It Happens to the Best of Us

Find out about unemployment insurance benefits. You never know when the knowledge will come in handy. US Dept. of Labor: Employment & Training Administration

Adult Mononucleosis

While most common among 15-35 year olds, the older you are, the less likely you are to catch it. Sleepdust.net

Average Salaries

What’s the average salary in your career path? Salary.com

Finding Your Way Past the Gateway

And get a couple of autographs while you’re there! The Betty Ford Center

Find an ATM Before You Leave

Don’t make promises of dinner that you can’t keep. Visa ATM Locator

The Macaroni Christmas Tree

by Marilyn Brown (2001) Alibris

Don’t Be Dull … Be Dazzling!

Simultaneously the tackiest and the most beautiful gift you can give. MyBedazzler.com

Katherine or Bianca?

Which sister are you? The Taming of the Shrew

Why Do We Knock on Wood?

Or toss salt over our shoulders? Or wish an actor to “break his or her leg?” Ask Yahoo!

The Case of the "Killer Robot"

Robots are awesome. Awesomely scary! Ethics in Computing

How Do You Relax in New York City?

Without alcohol, that is. ApartmentTherapy.com