Episode 8 — The Jake-a-like

Episode 8 Links

Want to know about your favorite character? Meet them (and the actors who play them).

No copies in Hell’s Kitchen

… but it’s still one of the best copy centers in New York. Unique Copy Center

New Moon Rituals

Find a new ritual for every new and full moon. Through Night’s Fire Astrology

A Rest Stop for Rare Individuals

Located at 222 West 23rd. Home (permanent, temporary, and final) to some of the world’s greatest artists. The Hotel Chelsea


Find a Kinkos Copy Center near you. Fedex/Kinkos

Saks Sales

Just in case you can’t get to an actual store sale, visit their online sales here. Saks Fifth Avenue

Malbec Wine

Malbec is one of the six grape varieties approved for making red wines in the Bordeaux region of France, although it’s found a new home and a new following in the wines of Argentina. CellarNotes.net

Havana NY Restaurant

Cuban, Caribbean, Latin American fare. Located at 27 West 38th St, b/t 5th & 6th Avenues. Check out the menupages reviews below! Menupages.com

A Simple Show of Hands

As the Beatles sang back in 1963: "When I’ll feel that something, I want to hold your hand." Read the NY Times article on hand-holding. NY Times

Locksmiths in New York


Bike New York

Find out about biking in New York, from safety to recycling bicycles. BikeNewYork.org

Cell Phones and Ear Cancer

According to this BBC report, scientists have found no evidence that using a mobile phone increases the risk of a type of ear cancer. BBC News

Bike Helmets Save Lives

NYC finds 97% of dead cyclists not wearing helmet. This and other, more helpful information, can be found here and should be read. Helmets.org

Pinot Grigio vs. Chardonnay

Tired of chardonnay? Try a pinot grigio. Look Smart


From German Doppelgänger, from doppel- double + -gänger goer. Merriam Webster