Handsome Town Trailer

Character and Cast Bios


Welcome to Handsome Town.

Meet the talented team behind the series and this trailer.

The song is awesome, right?!
Music performed by Graydon, and written by Matt Miller, Ryan Dilmore, Jonny Morrow, Matt Lucich.
Visit Graydon on iTunes to buy this song, "You + Me".

The cast is awesome, right?!
HAL: Casey Bartolucci
VANESSA: Rebekkah Ross
DEAN: Nick Cianfrogna
STEPHEN: Jamie Cummings
GEOFF: Preston Martin
THURSTON: Thomas Poarch
TRACY: Carrie Raukar
LIAM: John Senese

The direction was awesome, right?!
DIRECTORS: Rachel Hamilton, Lauren Cook, Mike Stickle

The editing was fan-effing-tastic. No question.
EDITOR: Lawrence Zoeller