Marisa BiaggiMarisa Biaggi has a doctorate in musicology from Princeton. And she’s here to show you that music is more than an art … it’s a discipline.

Don’t let that cool, PhDemeanor fool you, though. She likes everything from oldies (like 1st century shit, so we’re talking older than Madonna) to new indie alternative music. While her taste is pretty eclectic, she’s got very specific opinions about what she hears and what she recommends.

While we wouldn’t recommend asking her to wax poetic about, say, The Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus, feel free to ask her to analyze some music. She’s open to all suggestions. Send her an email, and she’ll be happy to address your topic on air online. Just remember that the good doctor is popular, so she may not get to you on the show, but she will try to respond as quickly and personally as possible.

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